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Exterior Ceramic Coating

LifeProof harnesses the most advanced ceramic paint protection technology available to protect your car’s exterior. The shatterproof ceramic coating is much harder and more durable than polymer based sealants found on the market today.

The competition:

99% of competing products use a cheap polymer based paint sealant. Satirically referred to in the industry as "Mop and Glo" and sold by the gallon, these sealants are often less effective than products you can buy off the shelf in an auto parts store. They are based on technology developed two decades ago: amino functional fluids, which plasticize as they dry. This creates a temporary, sacrificial, soft layer on the paint which washes off within 2-3 months.

Wonder why many competing products require you return to the dealership every six months to a year, so a "cleaner" can be applied? That cleaner is the same product that was originally applied, with a stronger scent added. After repeat visits to the dealership and all of those reapplications your paint is still unprotected for 9 out of 12 months of the year.

How LifeProof is different:

LifeProof's proprietary ceramic technology actually becomes part of the functional surface of your vehicle's paintwork. By inter-locking its molecular structure, silicon and nitrogen atoms alternate to form a strong backbone which readily cross links into both chains and rings.

LifeProof's durable surface will not be washed off like a wax or competing sealant. The new surface has outstanding resistance to friction, heat, and solvents. Think of it as a new clear coat - a glossier, chemical resistant, hard clear coat.

This ceramic barrier adds permanent protection against minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays and requires only regular washing to keep your vehicle looking fantastic.

LifeProof's breakthrough ceramic chemistry is not available to the general public and can be found only at select authorized automotive dealerships.

So save the gas money and hassle of making all those trips back to the dealership to satisfy warranty requirements... get LifeProof to protect your new car and enjoy your extra free time!

The results are in

Don't just take our word for it, review 3rd party testing from a couple of the most well respected labs in the world.

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LifeProof conforms to Boeing Specifications (D6-17487 Rev. T). Conforming to aviation standards is extremely difficult as aircraft are subject to much harsher environmental conditions.

View Official Boeing Specification Test Results

Review 3rd party labratory testing from SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

View Official SGS Test Results

Interior Coating

Fabric seats, carpeting, leather and vinyl are protected with a unique water based protectant that is extremely safe, and amazingly effective at keeping your vehicle’s interior looking its best.

Our Interior Coating is designed to prevent stains from attaching to the fibers in your seat and carpeting as well as your leather. This prevents staining and makes for a really easy clean up!

LifeProof Video

LifeProof offers the most advanced paint and interior sealant technology available, additional cosmetic damage benefits, and rental car coverage. Watch our video!

Protect Your Exterior from Damage

Acid rain, tree sap, bird waste, decaying insects, road de-icing materials, UV damage and other environmental factors have all proven to damage your vehicle's paint. These factors are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. The LifeProof Program featuring Ceramic Protection Technology protects your vehicle against attacks against your paint!

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Read the EPA’s statement of the damaging effect acid rain, decaying insects, bird droppings, and tree sap have on automotive paint.

Visit EPA Website

Retain Your New Vehicle’s Resale Value

The LifeProof Program’s amazing chemistry backed by an industry best warranty helps make sure that your vehicle is worth more when you sell or trade it in!

The Kelly Blue Book, an authority on used car values states, "A top factor in determining a vehicle's worth is the interior and exterior condition."

Read More on the KBB Website
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image description

The NADA Guide book on auto values confirms with statements like “Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape will equate to a vehicle's higher resale value.”

Read More on the NADA Website

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